Backup and Restore

A good backup plugin should have a working restore procedure. Lazyest Backup 0.2.0 includes a restore procedure, and the possibility to upload archives.

It is now easier than ever to create a backup for your Lazyest Gallery. Lazyest Backup version 0.2.0 makes it possible to only backup your changes in captions, descriptions and other fields, by archiving captions.xml files only. A full backup contains all file types you have set in SettingsLazyest GalleryAllowed File Extensions, plus the captions.xml files.
The new upload feature let's you upload a zip-file from a previous backup or a zip-file with new images.
Please be aware that full backups could be too large to upload using the admin page. If you get an error message, please upload the file by ftp.
Lazyest Backup will restore or add all images in the zip-file using the directory structure in the zip file.